Message From General Secretery

Dear EMU Staff and Students,

Eastern Mediterranean University Canteen and Cafeterias Unit aims to provide students, academic and administrative staff, and guests of Eastern Mediterranean University with clean, good- quality service at reasonable prices. In this regard, new businesses open each year, and students are offered various kinds of products from different cuisines.

Controlling and inspecting a total of 49 various workplaces in its structure, Canteen and Cafeterias Unit provides guidance both for the employees and workplaces regarding healthy, clean and high-quality food produced at healthy and hygienic environments.

Controls and inspections are carried out by the Control Commission. Workplaces not complying with the health standards become subject to the penalties applied by the University.

Canteen and Cafeterias Unit sees both staff members and students as part of the Eastern Mediterranean University family and believes that your happiness and success is at the same time their happiness and success. Canteens and Cafeterias Web site, which contains detailed information regarding cafeterias and canteens located on the campus, will be guiding you in detail about related services. While benefitting from the information provided by the Unit, we believe that submitting your complaints and expectations to the Canteen and Cafeterias Unit will increase the quality of the services provided for you.

General Secretery